The soap is made of activated carbon, which is a great absorbent, and of wild herbs and berries extracts, so called «The Northern Collection»:

  • Oblepiha oil softens, tones, nourishes, and improves skin elasticity
  • Limonnik Nanai provides protection against the environment for the skin
  • Siberian Cedar Oil contains vitamin E and vitamin P, which contribute to moisturizing, and strengthening the skin, all while regulating the renewal of skin cells
  • Flax seed oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. – Extract of Dwarf Birch buds moisturizes the skin, promotes its regeneration and restores the natural color and firmness of skin while leaving it soft and supple
  • The extract of Cloudberry contains vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega-6 acids, and has anti-oxidant effects. It restores the skin and protects it from external influences
  • Bilberry extract stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells, improves tone and elasticity
  • Sakhalin Raspberry seed oil has bactericidal properties


:"يتكون الصابون من الكربون المنشط، والأعشاب البرية والتوت مقتطفات، ما يسمى "المجموعة الشمالية

  •  زيت أوبيبيها يخفف، يغذي، ويحسن مرونة الجلد
  • ليمونيك ناناي يوفر الحماية ضد البيئة للبشرة


Northern Soap-Detox الصابون الشمالي - التخلص من السموم التطهير العميق للوجه

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  • 120 ml